Hey everyone! I have some exciting news to share with you all.

Last week I hosted Italian football legend, Christian Vieri and tennis star, Mara Santangelo at the Menaye School of Hope in Agona Asafo. Christian Vieri famously played for the Italian national side as well as many top clubs including Lazio, Juventus, Athlético Madrid and Inter Milan, and together with former professional tennis player and winner of the 2007 Doubles at the French Open, Mara Santangelo, they made their first ever visit to Ghana last week.

Earlier in May, the pair supported me at the ‘Together For Hope’ charity gala in Milan, and since the event, they have personally committed to supporting the Menaye School of Hope and contributing to the lives of our children in our small rural village of Agona Asafo.

On Thursday, Christian and Mara came with me to my home town where we visited the Chiefs of Asafo to pay respects before heading to meet the excited children at the school. Once there, the stars shared a once in a lifetime opportunity with the kids, who saw their wildest dreams come true as they met the sports legends and were treated to an entire day of special coaching sessions with the tennis ace and football hero.

I am so grateful to Christian and Mara for their kind and generous support this week as I feel it has truly made an impact on the kids lives and I hope that this chance has inspired them to pursue their dreams despite their humble beginnings. To see them smiling, laughing and having fun together in such a care free way as they play sports was such a beautiful thing to witness. The kids will remember this day forever as it was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. I just hope that this day will help them to know that they are cared for and loved, and that their goals and ambitions, no matter how big, are achievable if they work hard enough. I want to thank everyone who has made this day possible especially Christian and Mara.

Earlier in the week, when they arrived in Ghana on Wednesday, Christian and Mara settled into La Villa Boutique Hotel which kindly accommodated the pair for the duration of their stay. The boutique hotel also hosted a special cocktail party and dinner to welcome the visitors, with Laura Carpini, the Italian Ambassador in Ghana, attending as the guest of honour. During the remainder of the trip, we showed them the national treasures of Ghana, from Elmina Castle to Kakum National Park and White Sands Beach.

Thank you to all the local Ghanaian businesses who made the trip possible with their hospitality, including the La Villa Boutique Hotel who accommodated my visitors for the duration of their stay. With help and support from them, the Menaye Charity Organisation are able to ensure the maximum funds go to the right place and truly make a difference.

Love Menaye xxx

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