‘Together for Hope’ – Menaye Charity Organisation Presents Menaye School of Hope GALA

Menaye Donkor Muntari is to host a Gala dinner in Milan next month in the presence of high profile personalities from the world of sport, film and entertainment to raise funds for the Menaye Charity Organisation.

The charity gala dinner which is being held in collaboration with the Milan Foundation at the VETRA Theatre on 9th of May 2013, will welcome the squad of AC Milan among many other distinguished guests for a night of entertainment. Italy’s most famous TV presenter Gerry Scotti will present and guests will enjoy performances from international music artists and special guests.

The purpose of the event is to raise funds for the Menaye Charity Organisation which was established by Menaye in 2004 to support the welfare of underprivileged children in the Central Region of Ghana. Through the Menaye Charity Organisation, Menaye is also solely responsible for providing the funds and management of the Menaye School of Hope. The Menaye Charity Organisation provides everything for the school from the physical buildings and equipment through to the teachers’ salaries, uniforms for the students and books and stationery.

In the lead up to the event Menaye Donkor Muntari said:

“This event started as a dream so long ago. The upcoming event has taken many months of planning and organising so I’m so excited it’s now a reality and I feel truly blessed for all the support we are receiving. Every time I visit my school I get so inspired when I see the impact it is having on the children’s lives. I have always been taught that education is the most important gift you can give, because no one can ever take it away from you, and I know that we are giving these children the opportunity to go on and achieve great things. I am therefore delighted that everyone is coming together to support a great cause and help raise awareness.”

The VIP event in Milan will generate funds for the school through sponsorships, a charity auction and donations on the night. The money raised will then be used to help achieve five major objectives of the Menaye Charity Organisation:

School Buses: One of Menaye’s top priorities is to provide transport for the many children who currently have to walk several miles to and from school every day.

Expansion: The school is in need of new buildings to provide space to accommodate more children so the school can continue to grow.

Furniture: The classrooms need new desks and chairs to provide a more comfortable and efficient learning environment for the children

Food: Menaye wants to provide one meal/snack a day and to expand the cafeteria so the kids are healthy and happy as they study.

Extra–curricular activities: Menaye wants to offer new activities at the school, such as art and sports, as well as develop recreational areas.

Since 2004 the Menaye School of Hope has grown from housing 70 pupils in one block, to teaching over 200 pupils in new purpose built facilities. The school has so far provided education for over 500 children who would otherwise not have had access to an education. The school and its pupils have gained excellent results in the latest BECE examinations and through the Menaye Charity Organisation, the school has recently been provided with a new IT suite and a library.

Menaye’s intention for the Menaye Charity Organisation is to grow and develop the Menaye School of Hope in Agona Asafo to meet the needs of more children and she will also continue to support Ghana’s orphans, and the education of society about prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS.

Menaye was recently featured on BBC World News Focus on Africa to raise awareness of the Menaye Charity Organisation and promote the Menaye School of Hope Gala.

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