We recently named you in the list of 15 most influential Africans in Canada. Were you surprised when you heard the news?

It was major news to me so I’m really excited and so honored. It means a lot to have been recognised in my other home country Canada where I studied and spent most of my childhood. The African community in Canada is still growing and it’s important we are represented in every area of the society.

Does it scare you knowing there are lots of young women who look up to you and view you as a role model?

I’m not scared but I know it is a huge responsibility and I take my role very seriously! It’s a great opportunity to have a positive effect on the world and I am honored to be in such a great position. I want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and hopefully make the world a better place in their own unique way, whether it’s through charity, sharing their talents or being a good role model and standing up for what they believe in. Each person on this planet has their own path to follow and I hope that with everything I do, I show that goals are attainable with hard work and determination.

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