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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great week!!! I travelled to London at the end of last week and I spent some precious time over the weekend catching up with good friends in one of my favorite cities and of course visiting some amazing restaurants.

It was back to business on Monday with back to back meetings at the beautiful Arts Club discussing business plans for the year ahead and making some very important decisions! Then straight back to the board room on Tuesday with some exciting meetings with some of the people I am hoping to work with in the next year.

I am now back in Milan and had a lovely date night with my hubby last night to keep our #sexymarriage happy!! It’s so important when we spend so much time apart, so whenever we are together we make sure its quality time, enjoying each other’s company and just catching up!

I would like to also take the time to address an issue that arose and has been circulating in the social media. I usually tend to ignore a lot that is said about me but its time I opened up to clear the air. All that has been said this week was blown out of proportion and there was no need for all that hoopla. I personally have been subjected to racism in the past because of the colour of my skin but that hasn’t changed who I am. I am confident enough to not allow that justify who I am. I can therefore state categorically, with no hesitation, that I do not, in any circumstances, condone being judged for anything other than the person you are inside, rather than how you look on the outside. I have never and will never make racial remarks as people are claiming and stating that “Menaye Donkor thinks light skinned is better than black!” First of all, there are different shades of black, and light skinned happens to be one of them. Secondly, I am an African woman who appreciates her race and I also very much celebrate my color because it’s who I am. It doesn’t matter the melanin in one’s skin… Black is Black! It is therefore important that we read more carefully into situations or what is said before we attack people.

On that note, keep appreciating your loved ones and make sure you do something extra nice this valentines day! Happy new month…

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