Happy New Year

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Hello lovely people… Wow… Where to start?! It’s been a whirlwind year already and we’re only a week in!

Sorry I haven’t blogged a lot recently. I had a couple of domestic issues I needed to attend to and have been working round the clock to get those sorted out. Moving house is never a walk in the park – you will all agree it’s one of the most stressful life events ever, right? Well, try doing it in two countries at the same time! We recently moved in to a new apartment in Milan, and have also been finalising our house in Accra, Ghana. We had issues with our builders so I had to fly down to manage the project… whilst still trying to get things straight in Milan…

But I am pleased to say the end is in sight. Well, almost. There is still some work to do on the house in Accra, and I am staying down here for another couple of weeks to try and get that all sorted out.

The good thing about all this, is that I have been able to spend a bit more time here with my family, including the Christmas holidays and New Year’s. Sulley flew down for Christmas too and we had such a lovely time.

Eve of our anniversary with our family

With Sulley at a family dinner

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing, loving family, and Christmas is the time of year that I appreciate them all the most. My entire family were at my parents’ place all day and my dad and brothers cooked up a feast. My dad makes a mean Yam and corned beef stew (the only meal he learnt to prepare in university). My brothers went very traditional and made some fufu and goat soup. Sulley also helped out in the kitchen chopping up vegetables and stirring the infamous stew…

It was a struggle waking up on Christmas day having spent the previous night celebrating our wedding anniversary at a friend’s night club till the early hours of the morning. We partied, danced and clowned around like we were teenagers again. It was loads of fun with Sulley, my cousins and their hubbies!

Our Anniversary

The holidays were full of family parties, barbecues, dinners and of course inadequate sleep. Quite exhausting but worth the time we spent together! We came up with the term #sexymarriage to mark our 2nd anniversary of marriage so you will be hearing a lot of that from me in 2013 he he he…

New Years

Now the New Year is here I will be back focusing on my various business and charity projects. I was out in Agona Asafo just this past Friday meeting the village chiefs in my role as Development Queen. We are in the early stages of putting together a plan for a community centre in the region. The ideas are looking really cool and it’ll be a great addition to the community. The plan includes sporting facilities for the youth… Watch this space for updates!!!

So that’s it from me for now, but I’ll be back real soon to let you all in on my (good) crazy, nonstop life. I decided to not make any new year’s resolution but I will make an exception for you, my lovely #fam and promise to blog more regularly this year…

Happy New Year to you all! Here’s to a successful, happy and healthy year. Stay blessed.

Love Always
Menaye xxx

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