International Women’s Day

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Hey guys,

First of all, I want everyone to know that today is International Women’s Day so we can all celebrate it together! It’s an important day for us all as it reminds us of the power of women and what we can achieve when we stick together. The official theme this year is ‘Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty’, which is a cause I really hope I can contribute to with my school and charity in the rural area of Agona Asafo in Ghana. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

So, I have finally made it back to my home in Milan after three months away! I really did have a great time travelling around Ghana, the US and the UK but I’m so pleased to be back and finally get to spend time with my husband at our home.

I have just got back from a busy week in London where, although I was unwell, I managed to get through a number of interviews with different magazines, websites and TV as well as a really fantastic photo shoot! On Monday I did a television interview in the morning and then went out for lunch for an early birthday celebration to a great Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge called Zuma. The food was amazing especially the spicy edamame beans which are my favourite!!

Menaye - Sushi

In the afternoon I did another interview for True African Women Magazine and then found that my article about “Women Achieving Greatness” featuring women who are much more than just WAGs, came out in Look Magazine.

Menaye - Look Magazine

In the evening, I rushed back to my hotel to try to get over my jet lag and get lots of sleep to make sure I was on top form for my full day photo shoot on Tuesday!

Unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep at all so was very tired and not feeling much better the next day, BUT we soldiered on and I had a really fantastic day at the shoot. I meet some great people and wore some fabulous clothes, especially the amazing corsets by Nicol DeNoir. Also the makeup artist and hair stylist were so fantastic I will definitely be keeping in touch for future VIP events! Keep your eyes out for the next issue of New African Women Magazine at the end of this month.




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