My Charity Fortnight

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So the last two weeks for me, were all about giving back to the community and I want to say thanks to everyone who helped raise awareness for HIV/AIDS around World AIDS Day. I really hope we helped to make a difference but don’t forgot it’s not just for one day, this is a cause that we always need to remember and work together to support.

Secondly I just wanted to tell you about this amazing charity event I attended last week in support of the Pangea charity in a beautiful theatre in Milan. The charity helps to empower women and provides support for women in abusive relationships and marriages around the world. I have worked with the charity for a few years now and actually provided a testimonial for the organization a couple of years ago as I have always felt strongly that no man women or child should have to live in fear.

This year in support of the cause, myself and a load of my friends including Georgette Eto, Susana Werner (wife of Inter Milan goalie Julio Cesar) and Houssine Kharja’s wife bought a table at the event and then I bid for a prize in the auction where the proceeds went to support an inspirational women in Afghanistan who wants to set up her own bread factory. I bid for a one-off designer bag donated by some of the world’s top fashion designers including Louis Vuitton and Moschino who joined together to create bespoke pieces for the charity. I am so excited to pick up the bag and so delighted to have been able to contribute to help this amazing woman fulfill her ambitions.

Check out the pictures, it was a truly amazing night and for a really great cause!

Sulley took this picture of me before I went to the event

With the girls before the event

The Pangea charity logo designed in sand

Me with the girls at the event

Sharifa - The amazing woman from Afghanistan and the bag I bid for to raise money to support her ambitions

Love Menaye xxx

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