As regular readers of my column will know, I am not, never will be, and have no desire to be, a size zero or stick thin waif. I love my curves and my food too much! However because of my love of food… (all things Italian and my mum’s okra soup being top of the list!) I do have to work to stay in shape. So, I thought I’d share with you my top tips for getting – and keeping – a pair of lovely legs!!


And lots of them! Not particularly enjoyable, but incredibly effective, squats are a regular fixture in my work-out routine. They really work the bum and thighs and you can really feel the burn after a few repetitions. Start with ten squats and build up in fives as you start finding them easier. I do three sets of 20 repetitions five times a week. It’s no fun but they work!


The other form of exercise I have really got in to recently is Pilates. It’s great for all over posture, preventing injury, and also helps with toning. Last time I was in London I checked out the Pilates class at Stars Gym ( It’s a really luxurious gym in Battersea, and my trainer Rosa, was fabulous. She worked me pretty hard but you don’t want a workout to feel easy!

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