Mini Mission to Milan

By November 3, 2011No Comments

Hey everyone, I am finally back in Milan and have enjoyed spending time with Sulley after not seeing him for such a long time! It’s great to be back but winter is definitely beginning to approach and the days are getting colder – unlike in Ghana!

I know that this relaxing and quiet period will not last for long though. I already have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline and a busy few months ahead. I am travelling back to London later this week for the Ghana UK-Based Achievement (GUBA) awards on Saturday night which should be really fun as I’m presenting an award and a lot of my friends will be there. Next week I have a photo shoot for a magazine and an interview with another publication to discuss the Menaye Charity Foundation which I am really looking forward to.

Busy times ahead but I am excited to share my exciting experiences with you guys all the way.

Love Menaye xxx

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