I am now back in London for work after a busy trip to Ghana trying to finalize the condo in Accra which is still not complete! I do try to make it a priority to be really involved in all my projects, so I like to see and feel everything that is going into making these comfortable homes for families and I have to admit that I am a little bit picky. I am even considering making trips to a few places to choose the final fixtures and fittings!

When in Ghana I am still living at my parents, staying in the room which I grew up in! As much as I love staying there because it is literary five minutes away from all the cool places in Accra and it is a real family hub where we all come together to eat and socialize, I can’t wait for mine and Sulley’s new house to be ready. We are really excited!!!

Today I am travelling back to Milan and can’t wait to see Sulley again. I’m hoping to stay there for at least two weeks but you never know what could happen as I have a very busy month coming up in November. I will let you all in on the secret very soon…

Love Menaye xxx

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