So, this week I am still in Ghana, working as many hours as I can find in the day to finalise all the different fixtures and fittings for the condo. It is finally near completion and the long hard slog is ending with the nice task of adding the finishing touches to make the properties homely for the new occupants.

I’m so busy finishing this project to provide nice homes for others that I am yet to get a proper night’s sleep in my own new home! As you all know, Sulley and I recently moved back to Milan after staying in hotels for months. Then a few weeks ago we were finally able to move into our new apartment, but so far I have only managed to spend one night there… and I had to leave at 6am the next morning to catch a flight! I am really looking forward to getting back home, settling in properly and spending some quality time with Sulley enjoying our new apartment.

On Thursday I am going to visit the Menaye International School and I am very excited to meet all the new students that have started this term. I am also looking forward to seeing first-hand all the great renovations and the new IT suite and library at the school, which will contribute enormously to providing a quality education for these underprivileged children.

Off to London for a busy week next week– catch up then!


Menaye xxx

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