So, after public appearances, fashion shows and after-parties during Milan Fashion Week, I flew back to Ghana this week to begin work on one of my properties.

I was invited to the opening of the new Dsquared flagship boutique and Valentino Fashion Show in Paris, but unfortunately couldn’t make it with all of my other commitments. I will definitely be paying a visit to Dsquared soon though, don’t you worry!

We are working to a tight deadline to complete the new property, and I can honestly say that I’ve been working non-stop. It has been a stressful week picking out the right tiles, showers, designing a cabana, choosing colours for the property, designing the kitchen…basically all the nitty gritty stuff of putting a house together. By the way, I have a new found respect for builders, architects and interior decorators!

I have decided to be a lot more hands on with this property, and I’ve certainly learnt a lot (I’m proud that I have it in me!)

As much as I would love to stay longer in Ghana, I need to be in London next week to support my husband playing against Nigeria, and then over to Milan to decorate our new apartment (and make it a home). It’s going to be busy as I’ll then be away in LA in November – too much to do!

Sometimes I wish I could divide myself into a million pieces to be everywhere at once.


Menaye xxx

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