Menaye Charity organization has embarked upon considerable improvements in the facilities available at Menaye International School at Agona Asafo, Ghana. The School has now been provided with a new block to house the I.C.T centre and the Library. Supply of computers have been made for the I.C.T Centre in additional to furniture for the pupils. The number of computers will be increased as soon as funds and donations are available. The School library has also been provided with books, shelves and furniture. The I.C.T Centre and the library will be upgraded from time to time.

Special attention is being paid to the refurbishment of the Kindergarten Department of the school. New outdoor playing facilities are being installed whiles toys for indoor activities have been provided. It is planned to provide all children entering the Kindergarten with free school uniforms.

Menaye Charity Organization has given the school an attractive facelift to commence the Academic year 2011 to 2012 by painting all the school blocks and installing new school signboards. The Charity Organization is determined to ensure that brilliant but needy children in this deprived rural area of Ghana receive the same quality education that is available to the children of the urban residents

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