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So, after public appearances, fashion shows and after-parties during Milan Fashion Week, I flew back to Ghana this week to begin work on one of my properties.

I was invited to the opening of the new Dsquared flagship boutique and Valentino Fashion Show in Paris, but unfortunately couldn’t make it with all of my other commitments. I will definitely be paying a visit to Dsquared soon though, don’t you worry!

We are working to a tight deadline to complete the new property, and I can honestly say that I’ve been working non-stop. It has been a stressful week picking out the right tiles, showers, designing a cabana, choosing colours for the property, designing the kitchen…basically all the nitty gritty stuff of putting a house together. By the way, I have a new found respect for builders, architects and interior decorators!

I have decided to be a lot more hands on with this property, and I’ve certainly learnt a lot (I’m proud that I have it in me!)

As much as I would love to stay longer in Ghana, I need to be in London next week to support my husband playing against Nigeria, and then over to Milan to decorate our new apartment (and make it a home). It’s going to be busy as I’ll then be away in LA in November – too much to do!

Sometimes I wish I could divide myself into a million pieces to be everywhere at once.


Menaye xxx


Milan Fashion Week

It’s been a great few days to be in Milan! Fashion Week came to town and I was lucky enough to get access to some of the hottest tickets in town! I saw some incredible shows, and as usual it’s hard to pick out my favourites! I’d have to say, though, that Versace was especially eye-catching

I have always associated Versace designs with flamboyant, colorful over the top, pieces, but this particular collection was very classic and clean. Lots of whites and golds and clean lines. But it was their shoe collection which really stole the show; very edgy but still sexy and elegant. I just had to get a pair… or two…!

Going for a different vibe, but still as creative, was another favourite of mine Dsquared2. As personal friends of mine, the designers, Dean and Dan have always taken risk with their designs and I thought they’d really taken this particular collection to the next level, and been so innovative this time around. The crazy, retro/hippy and biker chick look was mixed in with glam aspen. It sounds like it perhaps wouldn’t work, but it definitely did. And who would think of creating mini sprinklers with water gushing out on the runway. It was a fabulous show.

I’ve included a few pictures of me taken over the week. The first one’s me with Mrs Samuel Eto, Georgette. This is just before the Gucci show, and so of course, I’m wearing Gucci. I love that dress – it gets me lots of compliments! There’s another of me and Georgette before the Versace show, and then one of us at the BVLGARI event with Mrs Houssine Kharja, Ness.

Pre Gucci Show with Mrs Eto'o - Menaye

Pre Versace Show - Menaye

BVLGARI Show - Menaye

So, what a great week! Now, it’s time to leave Milan behind for the time being and go onwards to London and then Ghana with work… Will update you again soon!

Love Menaye xxx


Website Finally Live

So my new website is finally live. I hope you like it! If you have any comments or feedback then let me know as I’d love to hear it!

After a crazy busy summer which has seen me flying all over the place between London, New York, Toronto and Ghana, I am now back in Milan and house-hunting with Sulley. We’re so looking forward to having a place of our own after living out of suitcases and in hotel rooms for months! We have seen a couple of apartments that we like so will keep you posted…

The last few weeks I’ve been doing everything from acting classes to modelling shoots to making sure my condo development in Accra is still on track. It’s all been fun and challenging, but as always, it’s the work I’ve been doing for my Charity Organisation that has been the most rewarding.

I was in Ghana a couple of weeks ago to help get the Menaye International School ready for the new term and the new students. The school has now been provided with a new block to house an IT suite as well as a new library. They’ve been kitted out with computers and plenty of books, although we hope to be able to add more equipment to both as the funds come in.

I also oversaw the refurbishment of the kindergarten. There are now new outdoor playing facilities, and extra toys and activities for inside have been provided.

It’s a shame I wasn’t there to see the children arrive back for their first day at school, but it was more important to me to be there to make sure it was all ready for them on time. I hope to be able to pay the children a visit when I’m next back in Ghana in a few weeks. In the meantime, I hope they are all making the most of their new facilities and enjoying their studies!

Love Menaye xxx


Hello I’m Menaye Donkor

Hi I’m Menaye Donkor and this is my blog. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to check back for an insight into my day-to-day life.

This blog will have all the latest news about my different business ventures, from modelling, to charity work, to my real estate company Zafra Ltd. And most recently – I’ve dipped my toes in the world of acting!

One of my main projects is the Menaye International Charity Foundation. Just after I won the Miss Universe Pageant, I took over the running of it. I’m so proud of the work our charity has done already.

Under the umbrella of the Charity we have a school and also support an orphanage. We’ve already had 500 children graduate from the Menaye International School with great exam results! I keep in touch with them all and feel so proud when I hear about their bright futures.

I go back to Ghana every month and personally oversee all the fantastic work the team are doing. We’ve just built a brand new computer lab at the school. I really believe that internet and IT skills should play a crucial part in the school’s curriculum as this is the future.

I’m always thinking of new ways to improve the Menaye International Charity Foundation projects. If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them!