London to Cannes

OMG! what a really cool week I have just had!!

On Wednesday morning I flew into London and had a lot of business meetings to catch up on with all the projects I have coming up, but the afternoon was what really made it special. I had better give you the backgrounds info first though! Sulley and I have been sponsoring an after school football club for 8-10year olds in London working with an amazing charity; The Kids Company. They do fantastic work providing practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children and their Tree House initiative is a really special project which picks the kids up from school in a minibus, takes them to do fun sports activities and then takes them back to the Tree House centre for dinner. We are so honoured to be part of such a fantastic life changing scheme and on Wednesday afternoon I got the chance to go along to the football club and meet all the kids taking part. They were adorable and so funny and full of life, asking me hilarious “grown-up” questions throughout the session! Sulley was so disappointed he couldn’t make the trip because of his injury, but he gave me kids AC Milan kit to give to the little boys and sent a video message to them showing his support.

On Thursday night I attended the Ubuntu charity gala, which was raising money to support education for kids in South Africa – a cause very close to my heart with my own charity focusing on the same goal. It was an amazing event with some really great personalities including Beverly Knight who performed a few of her hits. Sulley and I contributed to the event with his signed AC Milan jersey which helped to raise £9,000–I was very proud of that!

My weekend was dedicated to finding dresses for the Cannes film festival and I must admit it was extremely tiring! Luckily for me, my friend Banke who is the owner of a Luxury Goods Concierge Company- Enmarcha came to my rescue to assist. We found 2 show stopper outfits (which I will reveal the designer later on) for the red carpet premiere of “On The Road” and The Chopard After Party. So let’s just say am all set!

I promise to keep you posted and let you all know how my trip to Cannes goes!

Ciao London

Love Menaye xxx


Goings on in Ghana

Menaye - Exams

I just wanted to mention the disturbing news from last week reporting that Ken Agyapong, an NPP member of parliament in Ghana, called his ethnic group – the Asante tribal group, to “kill all the Gas and Ewes living in Asante Region”. It’s really really sad to see this sort of thing and we as a nation need to stick together and keep peace not make war. If we stay together and support one another we can stop these threats from destroying our beloved nation.

I had such a busy week last week. I am still in Ghana, so as always I wanted to go and visit my kids at the Menaye International School. I decided to go along and give the kids moral support for their upcoming BECE exams so let’s all keep them in prayers! It was great to see their smiling faces and they all looked so smart in their uniforms – like a real family. I have also been looking into some new business ventures whilst I am out here which I will tell you more about in good time!

I am really enjoying spending time with my mum and family and friends whilst over here, and as I always say they are the most important thing to me. I am missing Sulley though, but I’m making sure I watch all of his games while I am here and support him for every minute! I’m hoping to get home to Milan later this week and can’t wait to see him again!

Love Menaye xxx


Africa Has Arrived

Hey everyone,

Hope you have all had a good week? I am back over in Ghana now and at the weekend I attended the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards in Accra, which was brilliant. Eyfa and Sakordie performed and were amazing! I presented the award for the Highlife song of the Year to Kwabena Maphia for ‘I Go Pay’, which he really deserved.

Menaye - Accra

Menaye - Yellow Dress

As you all hopefully know, I am currently working on a new reality TV series called Fashion Power. It’s a really great project which should bring passionate Ghanaian and Nigeria fashion hopefuls into the limelight where they can showcase their talent and grow as designers. I am lead judge on the expert panel and am really enjoying it so far. We have just kicked off with filming and I am loving being back home with all of my family close around me, they even came to the launch event with me last week.

Menaye - With Family At Fashion Power

Now I have a tough week of filming ahead of me but I will try to keep you updated on what’s going on. I can’t wait to meet the contestants!

I do hope I can get back to Milan soon though as I’m really missing my hubby L

Love Menaye xxx

p.s. Has everyone picked up their copy of New African Woman Magazine. How cool is this picture from the WHSmiths at London’s Waterloo Station alongside Glamour, Vogue and Cosmopolitan?!!



Hi everyone,

I have had a great week just getting back into the flow of life in Milan. I have had a few interviews with the Italian press earlier this week including the great Calcio 2000 magazine which comes out next month so make sure you grab a copy if you are in Italy!

The weather has been gorgeous here and I just love the sun so I have been getting outside as much as I can, even when I went shopping everything looked so much brighter and more irresistible in the warm sun! I have also been spending some quality time with my hubby and cooking him lots of meals including the traditional Ghanaian spicy Jollof….therefore I have also been making a real effort to get to the gym more frequently!! On Tuesday Sulley and I went to the San Siro together to support his team AC Milan take on Barcelona in the Champions League and it was a really great match!

Menaye - AC vs Barcelona with the girls

Mrs. Aquilani, Mrs. Abate, Menaye and Mrs. Ibrahimovic

Also excitingly, on Friday I got the chance to shoot with Vogue.It (Italian Vogue) and I can’t wait to see the final result…hopefully next month! I will keep you all posted!

Menaye - Vogue

Menaye - Vogue 2

Menaye - Vogue 3

So I’m heading back to Ghana next weekend to start a new television project which I’m sure you will all be hearing more about very soon. But I’m very excited about it and what the show could do for the future of African fashion.

Love Menaye


It’s My Birthday!

Menaye - Triplets

Just a quick one from me today as it is my birthday and I am turning the grand old age of… well, that would be telling! Ha.

Sulley likes to spoil me on my birthday but I’m not sure what he’s got in store for me today. I’ll share with you all later in the week though!

But I woke up to the best birthday present ever – with this gorgeous voicemail from my three nieces, Janelle, Jaime and Jayla.

Janelle, Jaime and Jayla are five year old triplets, and this message is sooooo cute, it’s already made my day.

So, thank you so much for putting a big birthday smile on my face.

Love you lots, Auntie Menaye xxx


Resting It Up In Milan

I’m so pleased to be back in Milan and spending time with my husband. This week we have been relaxing and chilling out together, watching TV and cooking nice Italian meals. It’s the first time we’ve both been in Milan together for over three months, so it’s been bliss just hanging out at home together.

I also got the chance to finally go and watch my Sulley play for his new team AC Milan last weekend. They won 2-0 over Lecce so it was a really great game to watch and I’m so pleased for my husband as he played so well.

Menaye Donkor - Milan Game

As I said last week, I was at a photo shoot for New African Women Magazine and they have just surprised me and released a fantastic behind the scenes video they produced on set whilst we were shooting! There were so many people on set I didn’t even know this was going on! It gives a little hint of what you can expect from issue 13 of New African Women magazine when it hits the stands across 30 countries next month.

Menaye - New African Woman

Love Menaye xxx


International Women’s Day

Hey guys,

First of all, I want everyone to know that today is International Women’s Day so we can all celebrate it together! It’s an important day for us all as it reminds us of the power of women and what we can achieve when we stick together. The official theme this year is ‘Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty’, which is a cause I really hope I can contribute to with my school and charity in the rural area of Agona Asafo in Ghana. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

So, I have finally made it back to my home in Milan after three months away! I really did have a great time travelling around Ghana, the US and the UK but I’m so pleased to be back and finally get to spend time with my husband at our home.

I have just got back from a busy week in London where, although I was unwell, I managed to get through a number of interviews with different magazines, websites and TV as well as a really fantastic photo shoot! On Monday I did a television interview in the morning and then went out for lunch for an early birthday celebration to a great Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge called Zuma. The food was amazing especially the spicy edamame beans which are my favourite!!

Menaye - Sushi

In the afternoon I did another interview for True African Women Magazine and then found that my article about “Women Achieving Greatness” featuring women who are much more than just WAGs, came out in Look Magazine.

Menaye - Look Magazine

In the evening, I rushed back to my hotel to try to get over my jet lag and get lots of sleep to make sure I was on top form for my full day photo shoot on Tuesday!

Unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep at all so was very tired and not feeling much better the next day, BUT we soldiered on and I had a really fantastic day at the shoot. I meet some great people and wore some fabulous clothes, especially the amazing corsets by Nicol DeNoir. Also the makeup artist and hair stylist were so fantastic I will definitely be keeping in touch for future VIP events! Keep your eyes out for the next issue of New African Women Magazine at the end of this month.





NYC: My Second Home

Hi everyone,

Wow I have had a busy week since I last blogged! By the time you read this blog, I will have been to Ghana, the US and the UK all in a few days! At the end of last week I had two photo shoots in Ghana, one for a new project I am working on and the other for my own model portfolio. This picture is a sneak preview just for my fans, but I’m sure you’ll see more of these in the next couple of months since they will be used in a few of the magazines I am interviewing with!

Menaye - Model

So over the weekend I flew from Ghana to New York for business meetings and to watch my husband Sulley represent Ghana as they took on Chile in an international friendly. New York is my second home since its where I began my modeling career so it brings back loads of wonderful memories for me. I also managed to get some shopping done and picked up these amazing Christian Louboutins.

Menaye - Louboutins

But the highlight of my trip was spending some quality time with my husband and we got matching Caroline Bucci friendship bracelets to remember our time together.

Menaye - Sulley and Menaye in New York

Menaye - Frienship Bracelet by Caroline Bucci

From New York I have just flown to London as I have two exciting media days lined up where I will be doing back to back interviews and photo shoots which I am really looking forward to.

Who knows where I will be this time next week!



Goodbye and God Bless

Hi Everyone,

For my blog this week I wanted to let you in on what has been a very moving week for me. Last week was my grandmother’s funeral and in the Ashanti tradition, the family has to bring back the body to the village where she grew up if he/she died elsewhere. We therefore spent the weekend in Atwima-Kwanhoma near Kumasi in the Ashanti region, paying our respects and remembering my Grandmother’s life. My close family members and I all travelled in a convoy with the hearse on Friday from Accra which took over four hours.

Menaye - Convoy

It was a truly humbling experience. Over 800 people turned up to pay tribute to my grandmother and we provided breakfast, lunch and dinner for all 800 guests, so it really was a celebration of her life with everyone joining together. It really was amazing to see the traditional funeral from beginning to end because it’s something new that I have never experienced before.

Menaye - Parade Carrying Flowers

So we took my grandmother’s body to the house where she grew up and then went back to my mum’s house since we had to get up at 4am for the wake. I got so emotional watching my brothers carry my grandmother’s body from the hearse to her room. Some of our extended family members wanted to pour libation upon her arrival but my mother refused because of my grandmother’s beliefs as a devout Christian. My uncle’s wife’s task was to buy parting gifts for my grandmother to be buried with. This is believed that she can still live comfortably in heaven as she did on earth. Some of the gifts included hand woven cloth, sponge to bathe with, pots and pans, etc. 12 women brought the gifts into the family home on their heads whilst we sang hymns and prayed.

Menaye - Women Carrying Burial Gifts

Menaye - Women Carrying Burial Gifts To House

We all arrived the next day in the family house not later than 4am and I finally saw my grandmother laid in state for the first time since I last visited her at the hospital. It was a very emotional time for all of us because when she was sick in the hospital we thought she would get better. The viewing took about four hours and a church service followed. I read a verse in the bible and my other brothers and sister read the tributes At about 9am we held a moving burial at my mum’s house so my grandmother will always be close by and watch over us. My mother had been strong through it all but finally broke down when she saw my brothers lower her mother’s coffin to the grave. We said our prayers and then went back to the family house where friends and family came to make the traditional donations to the family.

Menaye - Ceremony

On Sunday we held a church service at my mum’s house until 1pm with well-wishers visiting throughout the day. I performed a traditional dance called “Adowa” m (a dance I learnt only in 2 days!) I also had the opportunity to meet all my aunts and uncles from the village for the first time and it gave us a great chance to share our stories and talk about my grandmother. I found out that she had a passion for fashion and was a stylist so now I know where I get my love for fashion from! She was also a tom boy and had motorbikes, so she was a really cool chick in her heyday. We also found a blue box of beautifully written love letters she wrote and received when she was 18 from a British lover who was once a High Commissioner in Kumasi! We were just blown away…

Menaye - Cousins Before Dance

It was really a sad weekend saying goodbye to my dear grandmother but I leant so much about my culture and think my grandmother would have loved to see all that we did in her honor. My mum was really touched by all the support she got from friends and loved ones! To me, my grandmother is now an angel who will forever protect and guide us as she did when she was alive. We will always carry a little bit of her in all of us…

Menaye - Kids

Love Menaye xxx


Proud Of You

Hi everyone,

So a busy couple of weeks in the Muntari/Donkor household! As you may have seen, Sulley has now transferred to AC Milan and I’m over the moon. Milan is such an amazing city that we have both grown to love and AC Milan is a world-class team so it’s definitely the icing on the cake for us. Sulley works extremely hard and he deserves this and much more. He is currently away at the moment proudly representing Ghana at the African Cup of Nations. Since the Black Stars just qualified for the quarter final it shouldn’t be too long until we are back together – I can’t wait to see him!!! Let’s Go Black Stars!

I am currently in Ghana with my family helping out with preparations for my dear Grandmothers funeral, as she sadly passed away in the New Year. Although it is a sad time, it is also the time for celebrating what a great life she lived, and it’s amazing to see how many people’s live she touched, with so many showing up to help and pay their respects. It’s becoming quite a big event!

I hope to spend some quality time with my hubby once I return to Italy in the next few weeks because it’s not long until I return back to Ghana due to work commitments….. which I will let you all in on very soon!

Also, don’t forget to submit your entries for our competition on Twitter @Menaye Donkor and check out my recently launched Facebook fan page for further updates