Together For Hope

Hey everyone,

I wanted to quickly share with you some exciting news…

I’m hoping some of you watched BBC World News and caught my interview last night! I went on the “Focus on Africa” segment and was interviewed by my fellow Ghanaian, the very talented Komla Dumor. I had the opportunity to talk about my charity, businesses and my life as a footballer’s wife. It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of being in the studio. It was fascinating to see how the production team put together a show like that – it was so fast paced and there is so much for the presenter to manage, but Komla made it look effortless! He is the perfect anchor for the show. The interview seemed to fly by, but I got a chance to talk about my charity and to show people a glimpse of the real me.

I’m so delighted to announce that next month I am hosting a charity Gala dinner in Milan with all my friends, family and business associates from the world of sport, film and entertainment to raise funds for the Menaye Charity Organisation. I’m so thankful for all the support from my husband’s team AC Milan who have permitted me to collaborate with the Milan Foundation.

The Gala is being held at the Versace Theatre in Milan and I hope it’s going to be a great night of entertainment to raise money for a fantastic cause. We have Italy’s most famous TV presenter Gerry Scotti hosting the evening, with performances from surprise international music artists and special guests.

As well as having lots of fun, the most important thing is that we will be raising funds through sponsorships, a charity auction and donations on the night for the Menaye Charity Organisation. The money raised will be going towards some of the great projects I have planned for the Menaye School of Hope, including providing school buses, expanding the school, updating the furniture in the classrooms, providing food for the kids and broadening what we can offer at the school in terms of extra-curricular activities such as sport and arts.

This event started as a dream so long ago and has taken many months of planning and organising. I’m so excited it’s now a reality, and feel truly blessed at the support we are receiving. Every time I visit my school I get so inspired when I see the impact it is having on the children’s lives. I have always been taught that education is the most important gift you can give, because no one can ever take it away from you, and I know that we are giving these children the opportunity to go on and achieve great things. I am extremely excited about everyone coming together to support a great cause and to help raise awareness.

Watch this space for more news and details about the event over the next couple of weeks!

Love Menaye xxx


Milan Fashion Week

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well ? I am currently in my second home, Canada and I’m so excited to be back where I studied and spent most of my childhood! I spent my time on the plane very productively… trying to catch up with some sleep and also writing my blog to let you guys in on all the scoop in the last few weeks!

Off to Canada - Menaye

So as you all know ’tis the season of fashion across the world with Paris Fashion Week currently in full swing. I had an amazing time at Milan Fashion Week, even though I was limited to a few events due to other commitments. I attended the Dsquared2 fashion show and chatted with Gerry Deveaux in the front row. I also met the fabulous Japanese Vogue Editor in Chief, Anna Dello Russo, a regular attendee of Dsquared2 fashion shows. This lady truly defines fashion and all round fabulousness!

With Gerry Deveax Dsquared2 Fashion Show Front Row

Anna dello Russo

The show was ooh so fabulous and I loved the “forties jazz club” look with decadent brooches, double breasted suits and furs. My fellow Canadians always put on such incredible shows and I am so proud of them. I caught up with the boys back stage after the show to congratulate them and they were really pleased with how the show went. Great work guys!

Congratulating Dean and Dan

I went to Fausto Puglisi’s presentation for his Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection at the flagship Dolce & Gabanna store and had the opportunity to meet the designer. I wore a simple but classic white dress from Yigal Azrouel which I accessorized with a purple Christian Louboutin pumps to add a splash of colour and a fur coat by Vladimiro Gioia

Fausto Puglisi

After the excitement of Milan fashion Week, I got back down to business and travelled to Rome earlier this week for some important business meetings. I had a fantastic meeting at Ballandi Entertainment, the biggest TV production company in Italy, to discuss some upcoming opportunities which could see us working together on a number of projects. Watch this space!


Last but not least, I wanted to thank you all for your support of myself and my husband as the new year gets well underway. I am soooo proud of him and we are truly blessed for his form on the pitch. Scoring the winning goal against the mighty Barcelona in the Champions League was amazing for him. God is too good to us and we never take it for granted.

Love Always
Menaye xxx


Peace & Love

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great week!!! I travelled to London at the end of last week and I spent some precious time over the weekend catching up with good friends in one of my favorite cities and of course visiting some amazing restaurants.

It was back to business on Monday with back to back meetings at the beautiful Arts Club discussing business plans for the year ahead and making some very important decisions! Then straight back to the board room on Tuesday with some exciting meetings with some of the people I am hoping to work with in the next year.

I am now back in Milan and had a lovely date night with my hubby last night to keep our #sexymarriage happy!! It’s so important when we spend so much time apart, so whenever we are together we make sure its quality time, enjoying each other’s company and just catching up!

I would like to also take the time to address an issue that arose and has been circulating in the social media. I usually tend to ignore a lot that is said about me but its time I opened up to clear the air. All that has been said this week was blown out of proportion and there was no need for all that hoopla. I personally have been subjected to racism in the past because of the colour of my skin but that hasn’t changed who I am. I am confident enough to not allow that justify who I am. I can therefore state categorically, with no hesitation, that I do not, in any circumstances, condone being judged for anything other than the person you are inside, rather than how you look on the outside. I have never and will never make racial remarks as people are claiming and stating that “Menaye Donkor thinks light skinned is better than black!” First of all, there are different shades of black, and light skinned happens to be one of them. Secondly, I am an African woman who appreciates her race and I also very much celebrate my color because it’s who I am. It doesn’t matter the melanin in one’s skin… Black is Black! It is therefore important that we read more carefully into situations or what is said before we attack people.

On that note, keep appreciating your loved ones and make sure you do something extra nice this valentines day! Happy new month…

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Goodbye Kumasi

Hey guys,

Hope everyone’s year has started off well and you are all committed to your new year’s resolutions? I got right back into work after the holidays, busy wrapping things up in Ghana before my trip to Milan. As I promised to update you all more frequently, here’s what I have been up to since my last blog!

Goodbye Kumasi

Last week I was honoured to escort my dad who was invited to attend the inauguration of the new President of Ghana. His Excellency President John Mahama won the vote at the end of last year with the promise to focus on development and unite Ghanaians, and both of these are extremely important goals for my country. Just like other hopeful Ghanaians I was very proud to be part of the inauguration. The traffic in the city was insane but we got there in the end and it was truly an honor.


I got right back into my usual hectic schedule dealing with construction work and overseeing my properties.

On Sunday morning we attended the unveiling of my Grandma’s tomb. I can’t believe it has already been a year since she passed and I still miss her every day, but it was a good opportunity to come together as a family and honor her incredible life once more. Never forgetting our Bess, my Grandma.

Grandmother's Tomb

So I am now back in Milan, ready to fulfill my duties as a wife and getting back to work! I am also planning a trip to my third home London for lots of different business meetings next week. I’m hoping 2013 is the year I can really make a contribution to the development of education in Ghana and Africa, and step up my game to help promote and support African fashion world wide. Watch this space!

Love Menaye xxx


Happy New Year

Hello lovely people… Wow… Where to start?! It’s been a whirlwind year already and we’re only a week in!

Sorry I haven’t blogged a lot recently. I had a couple of domestic issues I needed to attend to and have been working round the clock to get those sorted out. Moving house is never a walk in the park – you will all agree it’s one of the most stressful life events ever, right? Well, try doing it in two countries at the same time! We recently moved in to a new apartment in Milan, and have also been finalising our house in Accra, Ghana. We had issues with our builders so I had to fly down to manage the project… whilst still trying to get things straight in Milan…

But I am pleased to say the end is in sight. Well, almost. There is still some work to do on the house in Accra, and I am staying down here for another couple of weeks to try and get that all sorted out.

The good thing about all this, is that I have been able to spend a bit more time here with my family, including the Christmas holidays and New Year’s. Sulley flew down for Christmas too and we had such a lovely time.

Eve of our anniversary with our family

With Sulley at a family dinner

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing, loving family, and Christmas is the time of year that I appreciate them all the most. My entire family were at my parents’ place all day and my dad and brothers cooked up a feast. My dad makes a mean Yam and corned beef stew (the only meal he learnt to prepare in university). My brothers went very traditional and made some fufu and goat soup. Sulley also helped out in the kitchen chopping up vegetables and stirring the infamous stew…

It was a struggle waking up on Christmas day having spent the previous night celebrating our wedding anniversary at a friend’s night club till the early hours of the morning. We partied, danced and clowned around like we were teenagers again. It was loads of fun with Sulley, my cousins and their hubbies!

Our Anniversary

The holidays were full of family parties, barbecues, dinners and of course inadequate sleep. Quite exhausting but worth the time we spent together! We came up with the term #sexymarriage to mark our 2nd anniversary of marriage so you will be hearing a lot of that from me in 2013 he he he…

New Years

Now the New Year is here I will be back focusing on my various business and charity projects. I was out in Agona Asafo just this past Friday meeting the village chiefs in my role as Development Queen. We are in the early stages of putting together a plan for a community centre in the region. The ideas are looking really cool and it’ll be a great addition to the community. The plan includes sporting facilities for the youth… Watch this space for updates!!!

So that’s it from me for now, but I’ll be back real soon to let you all in on my (good) crazy, nonstop life. I decided to not make any new year’s resolution but I will make an exception for you, my lovely #fam and promise to blog more regularly this year…

Happy New Year to you all! Here’s to a successful, happy and healthy year. Stay blessed.

Love Always
Menaye xxx


Milan Fashion Week

Hey everyone,

I have been thrown right back into the thick of it since returning to Milan and I LOVE IT! This city really is one of the true fashion capitals of the world and has been buzzing with Milan Fashion Week taking over. Last week I attended the John Richmond fashion show with some of the girls which was all round fabulous.

Menaye - John Richmond Show

On Saturday night I attended the annual amfAR charity dinner at the Permanente Museum in Milan. There were many attendees such as Kenneth Cole, Solange Knowles, Dean and Dan Caten but it was Sharon Stone who rocked the event and auctioned off hundreds of thousands of euros worth of famous artwork. The night as a whole was a huge successes raising more than $1.1m for the organisation’s AIDS research programmes. This is a cause that is very close to my heart and I was so glad to be able to attend the event and support the charity. I went all out for the evening and mirrored the very “old Hollywood look” in an outfit by Dolce and Gabbana, Giuseppe Zanotti pumps and a Jimmy Choo clutch! I was over the moon when Chopard gave me a 1.3 million euro necklace to wear for the night. I was on edge all evening even though I had a bodyguard minding the jewelry.

Menaye - Dress

We attended the After Party organized by Fendi and partied the night away! It was such an amazing night….

On Monday was the highly anticipated DSqaured2 fashion show, which Sulley and I attended in support of our dear friends, the designers, Dean and Dan. I wore a beautiful bright orange dress by Dsquared2 which really stood out…I loved every bit of the show from beginning to end and I am definitely getting a few pieces from the collection!

Menaye - D Squared Show

Loving being back in Milan and getting to spend time with my hubby.

Love Menaye xxx


Back in Accra

Hi guys,

I am back in Accra at the moment to fulfil some of my duties as the face of Printex. It’s been a lot of fun but a lot of hard work too. I love representing the brand though, so the hard work is all totally worth it. The prints are bold, bright and beautiful and so they are a lot of fun to wear. I was on a photo shoot all day on Tuesday at a botanical gardens in the city. It felt like we were in the middle of the jungle with a lot of creepy crawly bugs! But the pictures looked amazing, so I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all soon. Here’s a couple of shot of me from behind the scenes though.

I have also been on a bit of a whirlwind media tour, doing TV, radio and print interviews. A few questions were directed to me about my relationship with Sulley and how we met. So I talked about how persistent he was when we first met, and about how he courted me for months and was the perfect gentlemen… until I caved in to his charm and his love for kids, especially my nieces and nephews. It really made me laugh when I read a fabricated story about how I used, or didn’t use, “JuJu” (black magic) on him.

The topic of “JuJu” never came up in any of my interviews, so I’m not sure where that even came from! But I have learnt not to let these kinds of made up stories distract me. After all, it comes with the territory!

What I found most interesting about the whole experience was that people actually still believe in things like black magic – INCREDIBLE! You can never control a human being or situation in that way. And besides God rules!

So on a more important note…I was back at my school yesterday to pay it one last visit before the new term starts. I met up with the wonderful headmaster there and we discussed plans for the new school year. The kids are all doing really well and I am so proud of them especially the ones who wrote the BECE exams (O levels). 80% of them passed the exams, which is really impressive! I pray and wish that this spirit and willingness to study continues because that encourages me to do more…

That’s all from me for now folks, but keep your eyes on my blog. I have a couple of exciting announcements coming your way soon!!

Ciao for now.

Kisses xxx


From Africa Fashion Week London to Heaven in The Maldives

Hey guys,

What a busy but great few weeks I have just had!

So in the first week of August, as the official ambassador to Africa Fashion Week London, I travelled to the city to do some interviews and get settled ahead of the show. On the Wednesday, I spent most of the day doing back to back interviews with the British press followed by jewelry and dress fittings for the show. Then on Thursday I went to watch Nigeria vs USA in Basketball and the London 2012 Olympic Games. The game was great, obviously I supported Nigeria all the way and we put up a good fight against the dream team. On our travels, we also met some very charming British army men who were all to helpful when my 6 inch heels got a bit too much on the 40 minute walk across the Olympic Park!

Then on Friday the real excitement set in as Africa Fashion Week London kicked off at Spitalfields Market. I wore a bespoke dress from Duaba Serwa paired with some amazing earrings from Joansu jewelry from the Luna collection, so thank you to both designers!

We watched a number of shows by up and coming designers in the afternoon, and I also managed to get some interviews in with the local and international media as well as meet some fans which was really nice. On the Saturday, I wore a black dress with sequin detail and some amazing Joansu jewelry again as I attended the Gala show with the top designers showcasing their collections. I must admit I was really impressed at the originality of the designs are how African designers are embracing different colours for different seasons… yellow isn’t really a winter colour we can now agree!

Last week I took a well deserved and long awaited holiday… it had been too long! I spent quality time with my girls, especially my mum who I have missed so much and we took a trip to the Maldives where we stayed at the magical One and Only Reethi Rah! It was stunning and truly a heavenly place for relaxation and recuperation.

It was very lucky I had a good break as I flew straight back into a grueling work schedule last week in Ghana. Lots of interviews and photos shoots with Printex and planning for some very exciting projects I have coming up… I will share everything with you soon, I promise!

Love Menaye xxx


Fashion and Sleepless Nights

Hi everyone

It’s been a fashion filled few weeks and sleepless nights! I took part in a photo shoot as the Face of Printex to promote the brand, and the colours and prints are just so summery. The photos will be coming out soon but I wanted to give you guys a sneak preview of what they are looking like.

Menaye Donkor - God is Great

I started working with Printex earlier this month as they are launching two new amazing fabric ranges, Arete and Xclusive–I really do love them both for many reasons. Printex always offers great colours and a blend which a lot of women can relate to as the colourful prints make you feel good when you wear them. I grew up knowing Printex. My grandma wore Printex and my mum still wears Printex, and it is a fabric with class. It’s an exciting fashion brand to represent as they really understands the African woman.

I flew back to Milan immediately after my shoot with Printex to support my husband who has suffered a freak injury whilst playing football with his mates. It was one of the emotional moments of my life because it all happened so quickly, and I have learnt to value time because you just never know!!! I’m just trying to be here for him at the moment and take care of him whilst he recovers from surgery. I haven’t had much sleep but am thankful for how well he is recovering and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back playing again sooner than what the doctor’s indicated. Thanks to everyone who has sent him and myself kind messages of support.

So, now being back in Milan, I spent Tuesday morning at the DSquared2 Spring/Summer 2012 men’s collection fashion show supporting my close friends the designers. I met Dean and Dan Caten a few years back and they are like brothers to me. Their shows are always creative yet entertaining and this particular one was no exception! They always know how to go the extra mile and produce shows outside the norm. There was color, bling, rock, sex appeal and masculinity! A very “over the top” collection but again its Dean and Dan, and they made it work–I love that about them!

Menaye Donkor - Dean and Dan

More updates to follow

Love Menaye xxx


A weekend of fashion, charity and a walk down memory lane

Hey Guys,

I have had a really fun but busy week!

The Black Stars played Zambia on Saturday in the World Cup qualifier but unfortunately lost 1-0. It was such a shame because the entire team played really well. I still say well done to my amazing husband and the rest of the Black Stars team and better luck next time!!!

I attended the launch of two up and coming Ghanaian designers MO SAIQUE (shoes) and JOANSU (jewelry) at one of the hippest boutiques in Accra on Saturday afternoon. I really loved their unique pieces with its African inspiration and I can’t wait to own a few of their designs. Later on in the day, I accompanied my mom to show our support at a fundraiser to help raise funds for the Bomase Siblino School in the Krobo region of Ghana. I turned out to be the highest bidder on the cake auction bidding 1,3000 Ghanaian Cedis. My nieces and nephews were very pleased when they saw the cake, but most importantly it was for an amazing cause with its proceeds going towards supporting the futures of young people!

I had a lovely evening out with Miss Universe on her visit to Ghana on Sunday evening. She has a great chance to be a great role model and do some good as with her new role. As part of her reign, she gets to pick a charity to support and she has chosen to raise money for SOS Children across Africa. The current Miss Universe Ghana and other former title holders were all in attendance so it was a real walk down memory lane for me!

As you will also have seen, last week I was announced as the new face of top Ghana fabric house Printex. I’m so excited about my new role and will update you on my plans very soon I promise!

Hope you all had a super weekend too.

Love Menaye xxx